La Babia brand logo Heritage with vision

250 years of ranching excellence.

A history of ranching since 1773.

We’ve been ranching this land for 250 years,
and we continue the tradition of responsibly raising cattle
and being accountable to our land, our people and our animals.

Because we raise all of our cattle locally, we reduce stress and
travel time on animals, getting them to market faster.
So, you will know where your meat is from and that it’s as fresh as possible.

And today, our ownership of the process means we’re caring for our livestock
using only the best methods possible – from our pasture to your plate.

We’re pioneers in South Texas cattle ranching and working this land
and feeding families the best beef possible has always been our goal.

We were sustainably ranching back before there was a word for it.
– Gilly Riojas


(361) 231-2279
1240 W. Oaklawn, Suite 107 Pleasanton, TX, 78064